What Is A Cohousing Community?

If you think living at Wisdom House might appeal to you, who does well in a cohousing, community setting?

  • Someone who is basically fulfilled and doing well in their life but who would like to live in a close-knit community instead of increasing isolation as he or she grows older.
  • Someone with a healthy sense of self.
  • Someone open to and able to hear other points of view. (Someone used to being in charge and having their way is often frustrated in a community setting, until they become more comfortable with a group process.)
  • Someone who feels a connection to people and is concerned about the well-being of others.
  • Someone willing to abide by group agreements and processes.
  • Someone willing to speak up and take initiative.
  • Someone willing to be quiet and listen in order to give others their due opportunity to express opinions.
  • Someone who is happy, positive and optimistic and who enjoys life.