Wisdom House was inspired by the concept of ikigai.

 In Japan they don’t have a word for “retirement.” They talk about ikigai, which means “why I wake up in the morning.” People think of themselves as being useful into their 90s and even 100s. In Costa Rica the phrase is plan de vida, or life plan. In some societies the older you get, the more revered you are. It’s not like, “OK, Grandma, you’ve worked your whole life. Put your feet up.” It’s more like, “Grandma, we need you. We honor your decades of wisdom.”

Our Wisdom House community will be built on the principles of cohousing: private homes plus many shared facilities for socializing, meals, and taking care of community business together.

The plan is for the site to have easy, convenient access to transit, parks, healthcare and aging services, restaurants and grocery stores.

We are adults ranging in age from late-50s to 80. About half of our households consist of couples and the other half singles. While we are an adult community, it will be common to see adult children and grandchildren on our premises.

We hope to own our building (which we helped design) and run the community.

We make decisions by consensus, which allows every voice to be heard. We practice sustainable living and are committed to decreasing our footprint on the planet.